"NOT AVAILABLE TO BOOK" means We already have booked a cruise all day or for specified period.  Click in the calendar to verify hours booked .  We can cruise several times a day if time allowsBook Now.

Note that Florida coast weather forecasts are not very accurate more than a few days out.  Many summer time "storms" and "rain events" tend to stay on shore closer to Tampa or Tampa Bay, generally speaking.  Only use the AccuWeather link for general information for the SunCoast area. Captain D will make the final determination of weather conditions suitable or not for sailing in our area, about 48 hours prior to sailing date.  We recommend booking your date regardless of the long range forecasts as they tend to not be very accurate and great sailing days are missed .  Although we do not charge a deposit to hold your date, we ask that you be flexible up to the 48 hr window as we find many cancellations from the client ahead of perceived weather is in error and thus the client misses out on a great sailing day.